Utility CO-OP
When upgrading the substations and district offices for this Utility CO-OP, the powers at be wanted to standardize the gate design for all their substations.  Compound Security Specialists fabricates all the high security gates for this CO-OP at our fabrication shop.  The Utility CO-OP chose a no climb design but uses both slide and swing gate applications for the design.
These substation gates are ten feet tall and ten feet wide.  Very large utility boom trucks and heavy auger trucks needed to easily go through the gates, so some of these entrances use bi-parting dual gates to protect twenty foot openings.  These gates were fabricated with overlapping C-Channel for a "no-see" application with expanded metal at the tops to help with the weight and wind resistance.  
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Utility CO-OP Slide Gate Elite Operator Fence Panel Utility CO-OP Slide Gate Elite Operator Fence Panel.
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